The Longest Place Name in the World


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Landeater Limited

is dedicated to protecting the integrity of our taonga and to uphold the mana of our tīpuna Tamatea Pokaiwhenua.

The longest placename was dedicated by the Māori people of Pōrangahau to ensure that our tīpuna Tamatea Pokaiwhenua, will always be remembered.



Walks take about 3 hours to the site of the longest placename and return. Reasonable fitness is required; water, good footwear and warm clothing are recommended. There is clear signage to sites of interest.
The walk is over farmland requiring some gates to be opened and closed. There may be cattle along the walk. No pets allowed.

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Carpark open 8 am – 6 pm

Prices: $10pp Children under the age of 13yrs are free.

All proceeds go towards the maintenance of the track to Te Tau Mata.

Bookings by phone to Peggy 021 0903 4175


A 4-hour authentic, interesting, educational, and inspirational cultural experience that brings together People, Land and Environment by sharing stories, places, and history.
Traditional pōwhiri to welcome visitors, travel a 5km journey to special sites and learn about culture and local knowledge. The tour ends with kai and a traditional farewell.
Transport will be by 4wd trucks (weather permitting*) over farmland requiring some gates to be opened and closed. There may be cattle along the way, and good footwear and warm clothing are recommended.

Introductory Price: $88pp**

 Bookings by phone to Peggy 021 0903 4175

Available: Friday, Saturday: 10am only. Bookings essential.

Te Tau Mata the Māori historical site of TaumatawhakatangihangaKōauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu.

The Māori historical site is protected by the Kaitiaki/Guardians (privately owned whenua/land)

What we provide is an authentic experience.

  • Photo opportunity by the Longest Place Name sign
  • Te Tau Mata Tours
  • Motor home overnight stay
  • Tuna tours
  • Whare Manaaki
  • Hau Kura
  • Ngahere Hīkoi

Feel free to contact Peggy for more information. 021 0903 4175

Naumai haere mai.

Tuna Tours

An addition to Te Tau Mata Tours. If you wish to know more, please contact Peggy by phone 021 0903 4175.

Ngahere Hikoi

We have kaura/freshwater cray, skink,lizards, manu/birds, weta/giant flightless crickets in our ngahere. We are hoping to be able to share this space in the near future.

The Longest Place Name in the World
The Longest Place Name in the World

Ahuriri and Angela Houkamau

Pōrangahau tours uses are advertising our tours up to the site on the hill situated on the Scott Farm. Also once on site visitors are given an extended lesson on pronouncing the name, the history of the area and the meaning of the name. The duke hotel Pōrangahau uses are that the name is on the wall in The Duke garden. There for educational purposes to teach people to pronounce the word correctly and give them a brief meaning of the name.

Hawke’s Bay Tourism

Hawke’s Bay Tourism is the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) for the entire Hawke’s Bay region, which includes the Central Hawke’s Bay district. Through a range of consumer marketing, news media and travel trade channels, we profile opportunities for manuhiri / visitors to experience the region. As one of Hawke’s Bay’s most significant cultural landmarks, the site is of considerable interest to manuhiri – with our uses including printed collateral, websites, and social media

Hwake's Bay Tourism

CHB District Council

Supporting Tourism and Economic Development Activities.

There are a number of places that we reference the longest place name in its entirety in  documents as opportunities for cultural tourism and wider tourism and community projects.  These can be found on our website and include:

Community and Planning Documents.

There are also documents where we reference the longest place name as opportunities for  cultural tourism and wider tourism and community projects, and these include:

It still remains in the Plan in other legal  settings, including in the plans cultural chapters.

Te Kaunihera a rohe o TamateaCentral Hawke’s Bay District Council recognises the precious  taonga that is the longest place name and the immense sense of pride and connection it has to  the people of Tamatea – Central Hawke’s Bay.

The Council has used the longest place name in strategic documents to support the economic  and social aspirations of the District, in particular to support the aims kaitiaki have for the site.

Māori Tourism

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Hawk’s Bay Maori Tourism Charitable Trust is honored to be an approved user for the purpose of promoting TaumatawhakatangihangakoauauoTamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu and activities surrounding it that are approved by Tangata Whenua and Landeater Ltd. We respect the Kaitiaki involved and fully support all kaupapa associated with this significant place.

Maori Tourism

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