Porangahau Country Club Rooms


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Porangahau Country Club Rooms

Tennis, Bowling, Arts, and Fishing Clubs

The Porangahau Country Club is a unique multi-sports facility that offers not only a challenging 9 hole golf course but is home to the Tennis, Bowling, Arts and Fishing Clubs.  The Club house itself is a beautiful large space easily adaptable to a variety of occasions from Weddings to Christmas functions.

Situated on the East Coast of Central Hawkes Bay about 30min from Waipukurau, the Club host’s a variety of sports and art facilities in the stunning coastal backdrop of Porangahau/Te Paerahi Beach.

The Porangahau Country Club was founded in 1927 and was originally just a Golf Club, fast forward to 1974 and the large open plan Club House was built after a massive community fundraising effort.  In 2009 the community came together once again and a new Astroturf facility was built adding a Tennis and Netball venue for the community to use.  Then in 2017 another huge fundraising effort saw the Bowling green revitalised with a new turf surface adding yet another attraction and community opportunities to the growing sports facility!

The original concept of a multisport facility at the time was revolutionary and far sighted but the club as it stands today is a tribute to a supportive enthusiastic community and local businesses who made it happen.

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